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“Glow Supreme” Beaker Glass Water Pipe 25cm | DU-120166-RED



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Glow In The Dark Supreme Beaker Glass Water Pipe! 25cm-Red

Introducing the “Glow Supreme” Beaker Glass Water Pipe – where innovation shines through with glow-in-the-dark functionality, melding unparalleled craftsmanship with a splash of color in each elegantly designed piece. This distinct 25 cm water pipe is not just an accessory; it’s a luminescent statement of individuality and refined taste, engineered to light up your smoking sessions like never before.

Key Features:

Smooth, Superior Delivery: Crafted for excellence, the “Glow Supreme” features a diffused downstem that ensures each draw is effortlessly smooth, enhancing the quality of your smoking sessions to supreme levels.

Radiant LV-Inspired Design: Elevate your experience with a base and downstem that not only showcase the iconic LV pattern but also boast a unique glow-in-the-dark capability, adding an opulent touch to your collection that glows with sophistication in any light.

Colorful Surprise: Each “Glow Supreme” water pipe is finished with a glowing colored mouthpiece and matching cone piece, and comes in an array of stunning colors, sent randomly to add an element of surprise and personalization to your experience.

Controlled Smoking with Shotty: Featuring a shotty for those who prefer precision in their smoke control, compatible with our universal Brass Cone Piece, the “Glow Supreme” elevates your smoking efficiency to new heights.

Illuminate Your Sessions in Style:

The “Glow Supreme” Beaker Glass Water Pipe transcends the ordinary, standing as a glowing masterpiece that not only showcases your impeccable taste but also ensures a premium smoking experience. With its radiant glow and unexpected color variations, it’s more than just a smoking device; it’s a work of art that brings a vibrant glow to your collection, promising a supreme session every time.

“Glow Supreme” Beaker Glass Wa...


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