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Prime Vase



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All-glass Prime style vase.

Fixed downstem.

14mm machined and anodised metal cone piece.

Metal on glass forms an airtight seal.

Can be swapped out with other Gatorbeug brand glass bowls.

All styles have a transparent base.

Welcome, fight fans, to the electrifying world of the PRIME BEUG! Here at the UFC, we unveil a spectacle inspired by the legendary PRIME sports drink. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled experience that combines the intensity of combat with mystical powers.

As the fighters take their first draw, a surge of energy courses through their veins, igniting a fire within. The PRIME BEUG transforms the octagon into a realm where extraordinary abilities come to life. With each strike, they tap into a supernatural force that amplifies their speed, strength, and resilience.

Prime Vase


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